Anth Young at The Stand, Newcastle
Anth is a young comedian really making waves, and he asked us to film his headline show at The Stand comedy club in Newcastle upon Tyne. It was a great night, and we really enjoyed putting the video together. This is a quick snippet of the night.
Warning: Explicit/offensive language used in video.
"I'm very happy I used Falconer Films for my headline show. Duncan was professional from start to finish, set-up was quick and painless and the production was everything I wanted.
I've been able to generate more work by using the video for promotion, and whenever another comic needs anything filmed, Falconer Films is my only recommendation. Top work. 10/10."
Spark Health & Fitness
We worked with Spark Health & Fitness on a range of promotional videos to advertise the new gym classes they offer. It was an excellent experience working with the team to achieve their marketing goals.
"From the beginning, Falconer Films was ultra professional and had a great rapport with our clients. The structure of the filming was great and really well planned."
John Scott at The Stand, Newcastle
John approached us to film and provide a basic edit for his headline show at The Stand comedy club in Newcastle upon Tyne. We were required to film, record sound and edit the piece for promotional purposes.
"The work has been extremely valuable and I have been able to use it in pursuit of other industry goals effectively."
Moth Physical Theatre presents Wild Wilma
This was a live performance of the play 'Wild Wilma' by the theatre group Moth Physical Theatre. The video was filmed produced and edited, including adding motion graphics, and was used by the group for promotional purposes, and to tender further performance contracts.
It was great fun to work with the group, and it was interesting to see the creative means they used to tell stories.
Mick Holford at The Stand, Newcastle
We filmed Mick Holford's set at The Stand comedy club in Newcastle upon Tyne. We were required to film, record sound and edit the piece for promotional purposes. This is an excerpt of the show.
Warning: Explicit/offensive language used in video.
Twist Helix - Little Buildings
We storyboarded, filmed, produced and edited the video for the song 'Little Buildings' by the international band, Twist Helix. It was great to work with the band and collaborate on ideas to get the message of their song across in a visual medium.
Little Buildings presents Chuck Mosley live acoustic set at Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle upon Tyne
We had the amazing opportunity to record the late, great Chuck Mosley's (formerly of Faith No More) live set at Trillians Rock Bar.
Recording live involved multi-camera filming, recording live venue sound and also recording through the sound desk, then mixing to get the right level of ambient sound to vocals and guitar. We had a tight edit time for this, as Chuck's management needed the recording soon for promotional purposes.
Eujenics - Alec Guinness
We worked with the band, Eujenics, on the video for their song, 'Alec Guinness'. This video was completed in a very short timescale to coincide with the release of the single. It required long, late filming days and a quick editing turnaround, to ensure that the video was ready for the release date.
Hellion Rising - Just For Tonight
We worked with Hellion Rising on a music video for their single, 'Just For Tonight'. The shoot was a mix of staged, choreographed sequences and live footage from the first live performance of the single. The band wanted a video with the energy of a live show, but with a background in showing them as people and artists.

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