Kate Thorman, Marketing Coordinator, Maggie's Centres
Falconer Films have produced some fantastic videos for our Culture Crawl events and it's been an absolute pleasure working with them. Their attention to detail is brilliant and this shows in the quality of the videos they've produced for us.
There is so much great footage and they've edited the clips in a way that really hones in on the excitement of the event - we are always so excited to share these with our supporters.
Spark Health & Fitness
Duncan from Falconer Films came to our gym in Low Fell for a full day's filming in order to produce some marketing materials for us.
From the beginning he was ultra professional and had a great rapport with our clients. The structure of the filming was great and really well planned. Falconer Films were really accommodating with editing and re-editing some of the videos and were really keen to get them just right for us.
We were very happy with the quality of the videos and the final results were excellent. I'd highly recommend Falconer FIlms.
John Scott, Comedian
I've worked for over twenty years in the entertainment industries, and can always tell a professional when I meet one. Duncan at Falconer Films brings a commitment to his work that often goes beyond expected requirements.
The work Falconer Films did for me has been extremely valuable and I have been able to use it in pursuit of other industry goals effectively.
I can't recommend enough.
Scott and Shelley's wedding
Our wedding day was the most important and special day of our lives. As important as anybody’s, but it was our day, when looking for our suppliers we wanted people who shared our vision for a relaxed day, one to remember with as little stress as possible. We wanted to remember every second and capture the day for exactly what it was and in turn a video that would capture those little moments which showed the happiness and love of the occasion.  
We got married on 29th February 2020 at Newton Hall near Alnwick. We had the full day filmed from the excited and nervous preparations right through to the end of the first dance and a bit of the evening reception. Duncan was exactly what we needed from a videographer, he was relaxed, able to socialise and mingle with our guests, needed absolutely no direction and made everyone feel relaxed, even the most camera shy on our guest list were filmed and happy being so. He was never too close but never far away either. 
When he arrived at the venue I was mid-way through getting my hair and make-up done. The room was full of bridesmaids and close family, the coffee table full of glasses of prosecco and it was a complete bustle of activity, and Duncan, like a true professional just worked his way through the chaos capturing natural shots of me and the girls and ultimately making mayhem look like serenity which he continued throughout the day.  
After the wedding I was told by many of my guests that they really liked who we had chosen as our videographer, saying how he was so nice, so professional and did a great job at making everybody feel at ease. Our photographer (who we hired separately) also spoke highly of him and the results that both produced complimented each other so well, they worked great together even having never met each other before the morning of the wedding, which is true testament to how adaptable and talented Duncan is in his art. 
When we got the footage I was not disappointed, it was more than I could have hoped for. It looked so effortless although I know it was probably anything but. The moments he captured were so natural, the odd wink from a guest, the anticipation before the ceremony, the playfulness of the kids the laughs between the hairdressers, make up artists, bridesmaids and those little glances between family members that say nothing and everything all at the same time. All edited together seamlessly using the music that we had chosen to soundtrack our day, from aisle walks to first dance and others in between.  
The first time watching it was magical, so was the second and I imagine I will get butterflies and transported back there every time I watch it. I am so blessed and grateful for having such a beautiful day and having the perfect video so that I can relive it whenever I like.  

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